Monday, 14 May 2012

Random news

Meet my new best friend:

The kids and I were out riding in the bush when we came across this dearlt beloved departed cow.
As I have a somewhat morbid facination for skulls, I just knew that this gem had to come with me.
However, were were along way away from a road or home so the decision was made to pack it on on the horses.
Smokey did not want to carry any dead animal and was threatening to have a meltdown.
So, Jess and Loretta got the job to haul this one all the way home.

Tonight, Barbara and I decided to go scouting for wildlife.
It was not really successfull, so I took a photo of the neighbours broken down tractor, in his field...
In the distance was a small group of white tail deer, but where not close enough for a picture.

I decided to end the hunt for wildlife with a dramatic sunset.

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