Monday, 23 January 2012

Meet the puppies

The pups, all 10 of them are doing great.
They are growing like weeds and have more than tripled their birth weight.
As always,
Snowy is a perfect dog, mother, friend and guardian..
more about her tomorrow (or the day after..)

Here are all 10:
 (Remember that the colour is a bit off due to the heat lamp, flash and other camera properties... they all look a bit darker in real life.)

Female 1, grey                 Female 2, karabash

 Female 3, grey                 Female 4, karabash

 Female 5, karabash

All 5 girls:

Male 1, karabash                           Male 2, grey             

Male 3, karabash                        Male 4, grey

 Male 5, Karabash

All 5 boys:

The pups are now 10 days old, their eyes are starting to open.


  1. the pups are looking great. I have a question; is karabash a color?

  2. Hi Lynda
    Karabash is a colour. It is a mostly blond body colour with a black mask. Murdjo is the grey colour and Merdjan is white.

  3. Ah-ha! I will let Togo know his color is Karabash!

  4. Yep, he is. I think it is a beautiful colour. The blond colour on the body can range from fawn to blond with grey black hais inbetween. Karabash is also sometimes a name for a Turkish type of guardian dog. Many Kangals are karabash coloured.


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