Monday, 9 January 2012

From sheep farming to ice manager...

I have written before about the strange winter weather
we have been having this year.
We have had daily cycles of freezing and thawing and this has resulted in;
arena smooth ice all over the yard, walkways and livestock areas.
EVERYTHING is so slippery,
it is treacherous.
Even my special antislip, rubber booties do not help.

We are not to hockey, speed skating or any other games on ice..
so,  that means
we are not used to walking around  on the ice all day,
which then results in the necessary muscle pain!
 "Enough is enough", I said.
And, this is the super solution we came up with...


Out came the heavy breaking disc,
and the ice was  sliced up,
roughed up and broken down.

 I admit that this was a strange sight...
To see a disc working behind the tractor in the winter...
in desperate times one needs to resort to desperate measures!

Walking now,
is not quite as exhilarating as before,
but at least we may live to see another day!

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