Friday, 13 January 2012

Babies on the Blog

Ok, I know I promised not to keep posting  baby pictures,
and that I would ( on occassion),
 blog about a few other things.
Well, I could not resist placing a few more:
Babies on the Blog!
For the squimish, these images may not be suitable for you..

You see,
births usually do entail some blood and gore,
urine and placentas.
Just some sheep have more of the one, and less of the other while giving birth..

Unfortuantely, when I decided to take pictures of this particular ewe and her lambs,
I did not know she was going to be a messy one with all of the above, all at once.

You see, most "sheep bloggers" like to post pictures of:
cute,  white and oh so clean,
soft fluffy lambs.
I like to give you the real deal..
the works
and afterbirths.

But despite the gore,
the lambs are pretty cute.
Just look at these sweet little ears.

and this face..

And, to end this somewhat gruesome post here is the

Sheep Joke of the Day:

 What did the cloned sheep say to the other sheep?
 "I am ewe".

Have a good weekend!

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