Saturday, 6 September 2014

So, what do LGD pups do all day?

Sometimes, people ask me what I do to keep the dogs from being bored.
Well, I do not do a thing.
I do not believe that dogs "get bored",
perhaps the dog,
 is in fact,
training you,
to keep him amused!

I spent an hour,
 a week or two ago,
 taking some pictures of our sarplaninac pups,
to see what they actually do.

So, let us take a look and see what they do!

Well, they like to check in with the rams.

Sometimes,  they just hanging out together 

Hoarding sticks is another favorite activity.
The one with the stick has the prize, the idea is to steal the stick from that pup.
Hoarding sticks and bones is another typical activity.

In the field we have a puppy feeder set up.
The pups can go in an get away from the rams and eat in peace.
They have shelter away from the rams.
The pups can come and go as they please.

Heading off to eat.

Mooching about with the rams is also part and parcel of being a LGD.

Group drinking at the bar, is a social activity.

A roll in the hay is very entertaining.

 Wrestling, MMA, Ultimate Fighter are practiced daily to improve their skills.

On patrol

What is there?

Visiting with Roy is definitely a highlight.

A conference is never a bad idea.

Aah, the prize  is a favorite today

More wrestling

 As with all siblings, things can go south in a hurry. 
They get a little irritable and snarly with each other.

Off somehwere

Coming to say hi?
Hi baby..

Quality time and also a very important part of raising LGD.

The gathering

Sometimes, lost in thought.
What would she be pondering?

More water

Snoozing at the puppy feeder

So, the conclusion is that the pups really do keep themselves busy.
The pups are in an area of about 10-15 acres,
they have about 15  mature rams to hang out with.
Having great stock to help educate the pups is also very important in the puppy raising stage.
The pups have old bones, some pieces of sticks and the odd food bowl they play with.
The can see other groups of sheep, the horses, the barn and watch the other dogs working.
They learn to respond to howling coyotes, they can run to the fence and add their barks to that of the pack.
They can observe and learn.
They have a safe area to hang out in and to be able to eat in peace.
There are plenty of smells and sights.

 Of course, having  each other for companionship also keeps them busy.
I do added in mature dogs to help teach them what they need to do.
This is the age they learn to stay in the fences, bond with the livestock, learn to tie up, walk on a lead, be handled, not barge through gates, not jump up etc
In fact, there is so much to do,
 that they spend  most of the day just hanging out.

As of tomorrow, there will just be two pups left,
for those following the pups,
the two who are left are the orange girl and the purple girl ( little Vuk).
Thank you, for (all the facebook) name suggestions!
I have decided to call the orange pup Shara and the purple pup Nina,
names derived from Shar-pla-ni-natz! 

So, here are Nina and Shara, practicing their "on alert"  LGD look.

Have a great weekend!

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