Tuesday, 2 September 2014

And, then there was just three

Our Sarplaninac pups have mostly left our ranch,
some went very far away to the USA,
some to the other side of Canada,
and some stayed in Alberta,
and two stayed home.

Yesterday, Hope left for her new life with Connie,
she will be a LGD and of course also a protector and companion for Connie.

Next week, another pup leaves
 and then we will be down to two.

Perhaps the biggest change is that our family structure at home has changed.
We were with 4 of us here,
one left and now we are down to three.

Jess had her graduation last week.

She left for college on Sunday.
Not only did she leave, but a few horses did too.
She  took two of our colts with her to work and ride while at College.
 Eric, and I followed a day later to bring her horses to her and of course to say our good byes.
Jess will be attending Lakeland College in Vermilion ( about 6 hours drive away).
She will be studying Environmental Sciences; Conservation and Restoration.

When we moved to Canada 6 years ago, this 12 year old, freckled faced girl could not speak any English,
since then,
she has excelled in all she sets her mind to,
winner of the Premiers Award,  4-H Ambassador, Ag for Life Ambassador, Rodeo Queen.

She decided back then , that she would attend Lakeland College,
 this week it has become her reality.

Although for us it is bitter sweet,
we will miss her everyday,
 we are also so happy to see her following her dreams
 and be able to watch her grow and develop.

 It feels like a huge hole in our lives right now,
 we will all need a little re-adjustment.

So, if anyone is passing through Vermilion,
do stop in and say hi to our little girl!

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  1. Louise,
    Do you have an older dog you would be willing to part with. I need a seasoned dog. 4-5 yrs of age. my 4 are all 2.5 and younger


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