Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Calender 2015

Last year I made a Sarplaninac calender on a whim,
the idea was to make one for myself and a few as gifts to friends whom,
I felt needed a dog and sheep calender in their lives.

I intend to make one again this year,
with images of our livestock guardian dogs, doing what they do best,
that is; 
hang out with the sheep,
sleep with the sheep,
go our exploring with the sheep...

I know a few people have asked about them,
but making a calender is always a little risky,
will I be able to sell any?
 Will I get stuck with a bunch of them?

So, I intend having a limited number printed,
if you think you may like one, 
then it would be a good idea to let me know,
so I can ensure you get one.

At this stage I am not sure on exactly what the cost and postage will be,
but am thinking probably around $25 each.

So, if interested drop me a note by sending me an email,
 or send me a FB message,
phone me,
or snail mail me.

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