Friday, 21 March 2014

Synchronized swimming

In Shadow's former life, he must have been in a team of synchronized swimmers.
The team may have  consisted of a bunch of sheep.

So, to give you an idea how it goes, watch this:

Okay, let us get going now with the partner event.

First, let us start lining up,
no pushing and shoving please

Good, find your partner:


Start with a slight right leg lift:

Then, a glans to the right:

Great! Now look straight ahead again:

Now, a complete head turn to the right


Uhmm Sheep!
You need to stay in line and pay attention, please.

Shadow, stop giving your sheep the stink eye for not being totally in sync.

No, don't look the other way now..

Gee-sh, just stop pouting, okay?

Well, let us try the group event then.

See, that is going well!

The end!

For those who don't follow the trials and tribulations via Facebook,
I have made the decision to breed
Luscious Lucy to Valiant Vuk.
If all goes well, the breeding should take place any day now.
If successful, towards then end of May, we should have pups again.

I will blog a more detailed personality description of these two, another day.
You can also check out our website at

Hope you have a great weekend, and remember to stay in sync!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! At first I thought this was going to morph into a chorus from Rocky Horror Show.


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