Friday, 7 March 2014

Just another day

Sunrise was spectacular

Feeding with Lad

The fresh dusting of snow tells its own story of events..

Coyote tracks leading towards the sheep pasture.

Coyote decides to do some mouse hunting at an old hay pile.

The guardian dogs, reminds the coyote to stay on that side of the fence.

Coyote leaves,
and goes mousing in the straw pile.

After about 10 days of brutal coldness, it
warmed up a bit today.
 As soon as the weather warms  up the sheep like to go on a walk about,
rather than just huddle around the bales.
During this gallivanting they:
 like to see if the cows have been receiving better bales than what they have been getting,
they like to check out the cattle mineral and salt,
and generally just  hang out in another area  and do some cross species socializing.

The cows do not mind the company.

 When I send Lad to gather up the sheep,
 he really insists on bringing the cows as well.
Oh well, no problem, it is good for the cows to be gathered again.

My filming is not quite yet up to standard as you will see at the end...

We then do a little shedding,
cows from sheep.

Lad encourages the sheep to move along,
 back to where they came from.

Squeeze past the cattle chute

Head down the snow road

Slowly, they follow along,
back to their own pasture
 to bed down for the night.

Have a good weekend.

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