Saturday, 26 October 2013

The B-Team

A few posts back, (HERE)
I introduced the A -Team of dogs.
This team consisted of two males, Beli and Shadow,
and two females,  Fena and Lucy.

However, we now have a hormonal Tsunami going on here.
With three of the females in heat, it was not manageable to keep things as they were,
and I certainly did not want to run the risk of unplanned breeding.

That meant once again switching the dogs around.
I needed the males as far away as possible from the females.

To keep the protection up at the sheep and cattle,
I made up the B Team.

In no way or form is the B-team inferior to the A team.
The B team actually stands for:
Bad-ass, Bitch Battalion

Normally, I don't like running all four females together simply because they can be so
bitchy and touchy,
over sensitive and very hormonal.

They are prone to double teaming, bullying and we have had enough cat fighting amongst them, to know that this almost always results in some blood, gore and mostly wounded ego's.

Lucky for me, the predator pressure is high,
they have a vast area to work,
they have cows and sheep to patrol,
and the males are far removed from them.
They females, actually seem to be getting on..

So, here they are:
My B team:
(from left to right)
Lucy and Fena ( mother and daughter)
Mali and Katcha ( mother and daughter)

The dogs can go under the fence between the cattle and the sheep. This is Lucy.
 As, I  did a little write up about Lucy and Fena during the description of the A team,
I will write a little about Mali and Katcha.

This is Mali.
She is a pup from Katcha and Vuk. Her nickname as a pup was "grouchy",
She has got better,  when she matures ( she is 14 months old now), I think she might be quite a dominant female. 
She has been living with the rams for a while now and has done well. 
This will be her first main stint out with the big girls.


  Katcha  was imported from the Czech republic,
from the same breeder as Fena and Beli.
She is a good guardian, prone to some naughtiness,
she is tough and can be rather pig headed at times.
She and Vuk grew up together and  are still best friends.
In this little photo session I must have been focused on Mali,
 as I only have this one picture of Katcha.
(She is also not my most photogenic dog, so perhaps that has to do with my lack of pictures of her!)


Mali practising her wolf like walk

 Lucy is a mouse catching talent,her she is hunting mice for her late afternoon snack

The sheep in the night corral.
Have a great Sunday!

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