Saturday, 2 November 2013

Gathering the sheep

This last week was one filled with some mild frustrations,
and a few nights where sleeping did not come easily.
Perhaps the looming winter,
or the uncertainty of what is to come
contributed to the uneasy feeling.

One of the daily joys is gathering the sheep.
Every night, we gather up two groups of sheep,
the ewes,
 and the lambs,
 to bring them to their respective night corrals.

 The beauty of the setting sun brings a calmness to my soul.

The ewes slowly amble towards the night corral as the sun starts to set.
Some encouragement from Lad, gets them headed in the right direction.

The ewes are full and contented as they head towards the bedding area.

Under the watchful eye of Mali.

The last few stragglers get a nudge from Lad.

The second gather of the evening are the lambs.

The edges of the flock are tucked in before heading home.

The last rays, the distant howl of the coyotes, a dog barking, the mist rising.

Good night.

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