Saturday, 5 October 2013


Yes, I agree whole heartily  with this quote!
There is something comforting to see total randomness all around me,
and to know,
 that it does not just exist in my head.
Here are some "randomness" photo's
from our neck of the woods.

How about these?

Flying dog over frozen fences

Lamb in the fence

Stuck lambs head

"Your welcome.."

Red dots on sheep

Sheep in a sea of alfalfa

Old trucks with trees in the grill

 Dinosaurs in wolfs clothing

A loo with a view

A crazy border collie..
(well, I suppose that is not really random.. as many border collies do this..)

A cat on electric nets

Bees in a fence

A tunnel of trees

A calf with a milk moustache

A pig in the barley

A one eyed cow peeking out of  a hole

A coyote on a bale

A coyote on a bale,
 with my sheep..

Gotta go and create some order again.

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