Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Snow Angels

This has been a very mild winter with very little snow.
Right now it is snowing and we have had a little dusting of snow in these last few days.
With nice sunny days, fresh new snow,
everyone just feels like laying down and making snow angels:



Loretta goes from a sorrel to a snowflake!


  1. Beautiful pics and really enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks Michelle, I took a look at your blog too. Good luck with your heifers when you get them home!

  3. Thanks Louise - I know my dogs are looking forward to taking care of business on the new herd come this spring. I am following along with your blog - great pics and very educational! I like too, that you are following a predator friendly lifestyle which is something I have managed so far with my dogs on stock and predators.


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