Friday, 2 March 2012

Puppy Portraits

Today was a day  for puppy portraits.
 Now that I see the pictures on the computer,
I see that the colour was a bit off.
The pups are still doing great!
What great pups, and what a great litter!

I think that I know now which puppy is going where....
They will be having the vet visiting them again next week for their second puppy shots.
They are already microchipped and dewormed and will be dewormed again before they leave.
The number of the pups tonight do not coincide with previous numbers, so don't look back and think that puppy 3 then, is still puppy 3 now...
sorry for being confusing!
Maybe I will just give them their names.

If the pups look depressed to you,
that could be
as I perched them on a hay bale for the photo and they were not amused..
Girls first:




No name yet

Now, the lads

Shadow or George
George or Shadow


Rex or Duke
Duke or Rex

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