Friday, 9 March 2012

The insanity continues..

Photo: Shelley Black

A few days ago I posted  HERE about laws that Idaho (USA) want to pass regarding using dogs (and other animals) as live bait in order to be able to lure wolves in, so that they can be killed.

Kris Paige sent me the following information about a bill in Wisconsin that is in the process of becoming law, that will allow the hunting of wolves with a pack of  (no more than 6 dogs), as well as legally being able to snare pregnant animals...
Once again the ethics or rather the lack there of is astounding.
Here is the piece that Kris sent me:
Wisconsin (USA) is preparing to pass a new hunting bill that will allow hunting wolves with dogs.
From Kris Paige
We all need to be very concerned about the new hunting bill that was passed by the WI Senate Committee this week in Madison. It was written and introduced by the Bear Hunters Association. It is now on its way to the full Senate to be passed into Law sometime this next week. SB411 can be found in the link below. This is not a bill about wolf management but it is an all-out war on our wolves. It allows hunting, trapping, baiting and snares 24 hours a day for over 4 months (Oct. thru Feb.). This goes on during peak breeding season and will allow pregnant females to be killed.
Another important reason this bill should concern each one of you is the section which allows hunting wolves with dogs day and night.
This practice is allowed in some third world countries today but has been outlawed in the US for over a century (with good reason) and now this very cruel practice is going to be brought back.  Hunting Wolves with Dogs is NOTHING like hunting any other game species and it is simply legalized dog fighting. Wolves will not tree like a bear does, they will stand and fight. Wolves will not run like a coyote does, they will stand and fight.
There are no trained wolf hunting dogs in Wisconsin yet that I know of. But these people WILL be looking for large breed dogs to train and sacrifice to the sport. I urge you all to be cautious about grey hounds and bully breeds being adopted to these people. They may try other large breeds too. I also urge you all to write to your Senators and ask that this bill be amended to a November season only. No Night hunting. NO DOG hunting and only in areas where wolves have been causing problems for farms.
And by the way, WI taxpayers will still be required to pay for hunting dogs killed by wolves.
Use of dogs  A person may hunt wolves using dogs beginning with the first Monday that followsthe last day of the regular season that is open to hunting deer with firearms and ending on the last day of  February of the following year.
No more than 6 dogs in a single pack may be used to trail or track a wolf, regardless of the number of hunters assisting the holder of the wolf harvesting license.

To read more about what others say about this

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  1. That is insanity! My crew lives with coyotes and the odd wolf and bear in their territory - both continue to work in harmony and my crew will always protect the land. I enjoy seeing the harmony between species. Great article!


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