Sunday, 25 March 2012

Move over survivor man...

Our 4H club has an Outdoor living project.
So, Roy joined.
He loves these programs on TV such as Suviving disaster, Mantracker, Bear Gryllis etc
This weekend they had a campout!
For our non Canadian friends,
it is still winter here!
We have snow and its -11C.
Eric joined in all this fun.

So, this kids had to make their own shelter,
build  a fire,
gather wood,
worked on their bows,
catch dinner,
cook the 2 squirrels they caught and divide the spoils from the hunt with 11 people!

They got slightly hyperthermic,
came home hungry,
and were totally exhausted.
A great time was had by all!

This is Eric's nest:

Roy...mountain man

Roy's shelter:

Banock for breakfast:

Learning how to catch supper:

Some more learning:

The long walk home:


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