Sunday, 18 March 2012


What I neglected to tell you in my previous post is that I sometimes take my camera out with me to attempt to take pictures of my nightly escapades.
Here is what I did this week:

Our little house on the prairie..

The northern lights above our barn:

But, not today.
Today, it is snowing
and I am now blogging at 4.13am.
Now, that you now what I do at 3am...
Feel free to post a comment what YOU do at this time!


  1. Sorry, preferable I lie on one ear, looking at the back of my eyes at that time of the night.
    So also last night!
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. The northern lights were so beautiful last week. We weren't as bright as you but it still gives us a thrill to get up and see them!


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