Friday, 30 September 2016

So much is going on..

After a miserable summer of rain and more rain, we have finally had a continuous window of nice sunny fall weather.
That means making use of every moment of the whole day and night!
Hay that had not yet been cut, got cut.
Bales that needed making, got made,
work in the barn, that needed dry weather is still in progress.
The days are long and the nights are short right now.
Harvest is in full swing.

Eric has spent his afternoons and evenings baling straw.

The straw was at times too dry and it was really tough to bale.
Baling sometimes deep into the night under the starts and dancing northern lights makes the work seem almost romantic.

The next big job is to ensure we get all these bales home and stacked ready to feed this winter.

We are also trying to get the workshop floor done before winter sets in, so the floor is leveled, insulation put in, now the iron rods, and then finally the concrete can come.
It will be great once that is in so that we can get the lambing area prepared and get our tools all in one spot.

We have started hauling some cows home, some ewes came home already.

The next month will be spend hauling the livestock home for the winter.
Breeding should all be done and lambing should start again around Christmas time.

Typical fall weather; mist mornings,

and, stunning evenings

Other, farm news is that Shara and her mega litter are doing well.
A few smaller ones get a few extra bottles throughout the day to help them along.
The pups are determined little critters and Shara is doing a great job with them.

Pups are 1 week old!

 Eric and I are heading to Europe in the next few weeks, we will be visiting family, friends, be buying a few more Brabant horses and I will be attending a conference.
I am super excited for this trip as it has been 8 years since I was last back in the Netherlands and am really excited to see everyone again.

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