Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A dozen

Shara and Meco together created a dozen pups, and of those dozen, 
10 are boys and 2 are girls.

It was a long haul for mom Shara but she handled the whole motherhood thing like a pro.
All 12 pups weigh between 480 and 520 grams each( 1 lb and 3 ounces give or take..).
One small one needed a little help yesterday, but today I cannot find him in the puppy pile.
All pups survived the first night, all are drinking well and all seem content.

The total number was a big surprise for us, we have never had such a big litter before.

Both the female pups are spoken for, but I do have some male pups available for sale.

Watch this page on how they are growing and developing.
The pups are born in our barn, so the very first smell imprinting is taking place.

Check out our website for more info.

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