Sunday, 26 June 2016

Roy's First Demolition Derby

One of the projects Roy did this year within 4-H was the building of a demolition derby truck.
He, along with 6 other members helped build, paint and prepare a truck for the demolition derby held every year at the Pioneer Threshermans Association annual event.
Our neighbors, Roeby and Martin, ran the project and did a fantastic job of getting the truck ready to go.
As Roy was the olderst (15), he got to drive the truck.

He was very nervous the first day, knowing full and well when you play with the big boys, things can get rough.
He got loads of advice and plenty of tips from us armchair quarterbacks.

The pit crew:

The days started good with them winning the Best Dressed Demo Derby vehicle.
The competition was tough with all the beat up trucks and vehicles.

and, the checkered flag goes to the Coyote Acres 4-h team!

Last minute advice from dad to son, before he enters the pit.

A few rounds of 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles started the derby.
Roy was in the first heat of the trucks.

He got a few big hits, but the truck held up well.

Unfortunately, it was soon over for Roy, as his battery stopped working and he could not get the truck running in the designated time. 

So, back at the "base" a new battery was put in, some body work was hammered in and the truck, and Roy,  were ready for a new day. 

Heading to the pit for day 2 rounds.
This was a buy back round, so another shot of getting into the finals.

Ready, set and go

This round went way better for Roy, being the youngest and most inexperienced driver ( he has only has his learners license a few weeks),
 he gave a few good hits, and received a few big ones back.

Roy was more aggressive and had more strategy this time round.


"go get him, Roy"

"Give her", Roy

" Go hard, or go home" was the motto today.

Once again, he had to quit again, this time due to a seat belt malfunction.
His belt came undone, and he could not continue, the chance of injuries would be too high if he got flung out of the truck or parts of his body got outside the vehicle.
Safety first, so he broke his stick and had to sit it out until this round was done.

He, and the 4-H crew had a great time building this truck and putting a few dents into the truck.
The plans are big for next year,
this truck will be outfitted again and they will build a second vehicle for the derby.

This two day event was great fun, the kids had a blast, we got sunburnt, we had an eventful dance, where Eric was security, we came home tired, and Roy made some memories.

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