Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Gathering of information about LGD

I have been slowly sorting through all my blogs to try and make an overview. I am not done yest but here is a start of general topics and the links to the blogs I have written regarding the LGD.
Blog Articles, sorted according to Subject


Comparison between GP and Sar

Packs of dogs, meet and greet

Fence crawlers/Yokes/Fences

Training the young LGD

Dogs Working

Lambing Time and the dogs

Other Guardian animals

Anecdotes, dealing with predation

Shars and Cows

Why LGD fail

Anecdotes about our dogs ( individual dogs)/ Funny stories

Chantal, Our first Sarplaninac

Sarplaninac Breed


 Musings/thoughts and training

New Years/Photo


In the media

Other LGD

Coyotes/wildlife/critter cam

Socializing the baby pups with sheep

Our ranch


As, I wade through all the blogs,  I will post updates to this list with the newly added blogs.

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