Sunday, 10 January 2016

The first 10 days

We are now 10 days into the New Year and already a lot has happened!

First up:
We have revamped our website. The old one was getting really outdated (behind the scenes) and it was time to give it a fresh new look and layout.
Take the time to revisit our website.
Thank you to Rap Trading Webdesign for a great new look!

lambing had a really slow start, we are still only getting  one or two a day.
Sometime, things should start speeding up. It is nice to ease your way back into night shifts, but it is also nice to be rewarded for your efforts by at least having some lambs.

Jess and I went on our annual New Year"s day horse ride.
Always great to be out riding with Jess.

Meco is back on the job. He is recovered, his wounds are closed and healed, his short ear looks comical but he is happy and not perturbed by the ear.
Now it is waiting for his coat to grow back.
He was delighted to be back out with the crew.

The countdown has began.
Katcha is now down to the final few days of her pregnancy.
She will whelp her litter this week, and we are really excited about this.
She is in the heated shop part of the barn, in with the ewes who are lambing. We made her whelping pen and she is comfortable in her new spot.

The Lambo tractor is serving two purposes,
our daily work machine and
official cat warmer.

We had spent the Christmas break prepping for a Cattle Show.
We loaded up 2 heifers and a steer and took them to the Peace Country Beef Congress in Dawson Creek, British Columbia.
Jess drove all the way from College to the show,  to show her heifer. A 9 hour drive. Luckily she had good company.
Thank you Casey.

The show went well, Eric had a booth at the trade show part, for his insurance business.
Eric and Roy hauled the cattle and show supplies, Jess arrived late at night and I came the following day. Leaving the lambing and care of all the animals in Ramona, Brooke and Roeby's capable hands.
Thank you for doing chores!

The show was relatively successful.
Jess won her Open heifer class.
She was Reserve Champion in the Youth Show with this heifer.
Roy did not place with (my heifer, she was just too chunky) and his steer was not competitive with the steers at the show.
Roy did however win the senior Judging Class, much to our surprise!
Jess gave a judging clinic to about 40 4-H kids at the Congress.

A great weekend spent with the family and our livestock.
Here are some pictures of our weekend.

Always washing, blow dryiong, combing, clipping, washing, blow drying...

Roy with the read heifer, Jess with the black

Panel of 5 cattlemen judges.

Jess, giving a "Judging Seminar" to the 4-H kids

Eric talking about farm insurance.

Roy knows how to "bring it on show day".

Judges like to ask how old cattle are..

Reserve Champion Youth Heifer

All in all, a good start to 2016!

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