Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It's a man's world...

We are so excited to announce that our Katcha and Vuk have had a litter of pups.
She started whelping at about 8 pm and the final pup was born at 7 am. on the night of January 12.
The pups came steadily, all  a good and sturdy weight.
There were no issues, and I can happily say the birth was "uneventful".
The biggest surprise,  is that this litter is an all boys litter.
8 big fat boys!
I have rarely seen a litter so nicely matched, all pretty much the same weight, all thriving and doing well.
The pups are very uniform, all very dark, with only the smallest white markings on some of their toe tips and chest.

Katcha is a laid back mom, and spent most of yesterday sleeping.

Here are the first puppy pictures of the brood:

 Not only whelping took place, but also some lambing.
(this was also a boy!!)

A puppy pile

Here some short clips, nothing like seeing them move and squeak,
and hear the roar of the heater.

I knwo my next few months is going to be filled with puppy love!

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  1. Beautiful pups! We just got "Anna in August. She is a Pyrenees/Marama.
    At almost 7 months, she has quickly picked up on her duties here on the farm. Winning everyone's heart with her gentle nature. I would love to see about another female down the road, but alas, it is only boys this round. Congratulations on your new family additions!
    Claudine Leblanc


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