Saturday, 23 January 2016

Feeding buddies

While the Eastern USA got slammed by a massive storm,
for us it was business as usual.
We can handle snow and lots of it.
It does slow us down somewhat,
 but thanks to some mechanization all the sheep and cows get fed.

While out on the tractor feeding; I often see an opportunity to open the door and snap some pictures with my cell phone of the  LGD doing their job.

Shara is my cattle feed buddy.
When she sees me heading out with the tractor to feed the cows she is always delighted to go ahead and clear the way of any potential problems.

(and, yes I know the window needs washing..)

While I am cutting twine off the bales, Shara takes the time to check every thing out. She is the speck at the back of the cows.

On the look out for whatever may be lurking out in the bush:

Then it was time to move on to the sheep for their feeding.
After, processing some bales,
and filling up the grain feeder,
the sheep were ready to settle in for some eating.
Vuk, heads back out to the ewes once I was done feeding.

The dogs know their job, and every single day we trust that they will do their best to ensure the livestock are safe.
They are dependable, they are hardworking and it is a great feeling to know that the stock are safe under the vigilant watch of the dogs.

Visiting with the dogs, while out doing chores is a highlight of my day,
every day.

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  1. A tractor with doors? Lucky you. Ranch I worked on 40yrs ago had an ancient (then) Massey Ferg monster with wheel brakes. (One of which just worked when it wanted to.)


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