Thursday, 23 July 2015

Puppy pictures Lucy and Vuk

A gazillion pictures of the pups, mom and dad.
The pups are really coming into their own.
They all have a strong sense of self preservation so all new things are met with caution.
They are free range, where ever they want to go, they go, but they mostly hang out around the coverall where they were born, then make trips to the pasture where both mom and dad are hanging out with some ewes.

They are learning dog language, when Lucy or Vuk say "back off",
they really need to back off!
They are learning that other animals exist,
weird dogs like border collies, white kitties and horses.

The learning curve is exponential at this age and personally I cannot fathom why some pups are taken away from their mom and siblings so young.
Although the pups are almost totally weaned, they learn valuable life lessons at this stage.

For those who like to follow certain pups, here is the colour coding:
The boys are Gray, Black and Blue.
The girls are Red and Purple.


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