Saturday, 13 June 2015

The new barn

Three weeks ago the rebuilding of our barn started.
today, the outside ( except for the doors) is done.

So, here are a series of photo's to show how the building went:

This is what we had:

This is what happened to it:

 This is the rebuild:

almost done, 3 weeks later

We decided to to go with a traditional red barn.
We are excited about our new barn and look forward to "moving in".


  1. i'd love to hear more about the new barn. why so big? does it house the sheep or just hay?

    1. HI Jojo
      The barn is rebuilt exactly the same size as the previous barn. It has a shop on the inside, and houses primarily feeder lambs we buy in, the ewes at lambing time and of course some equipment. We wanted a multifunctional barn, we could use it as an arena, store equipment, keep animals etc. We do not house our hay in doors. Takes too much time to stack the hay and our feed speed is fairly quick, so we just mushroom stack our hay where the livestock will be for the winter.


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