Sunday, 28 June 2015

Pride and joy

I am really not very vehicle minded,
a truck is a truck, a car is a car,
as long as it gets me where I need to be, all is well.
But, a tractor is something else.
A Lamborghini tractor, is even better!
It must be the Ferrari under the tractors!
Our wait is finally over,
this past week our parcel arrived from Europe.
It was like opening up a giant Christmas present.

Going first by sea to Montreal, then it missed the first train to arrive a few days later on another train.
The final leg of the journey was by truck.
The truck delivered the sea-can late Monday night.
This tractor was destined to go places!
It was initially headed to the Ukraine, however due to the unrest there,
 the sale was cancelled and we bought it and had it shipped to Canada.

We opened the doors and peeked in, way in the back, hidden behind some other equipment that came to Canada,  we could see our new tractor.
The next day, we had a crew of Martien ( our neighbour mechanic), Koos, another young fellow, Roy, me and later Eric,
 all come to sea this thing of beauty and to ensure it was carefully removed from the sea can.

It would take a few days to be put back together, the tractor was partially dissembled to fit into the sea-can. A few parts must have missed the boat, so we needed to wait another few days to get these parts in and on, but now it is ready to go to work.

The excitement is high is this is mostly likely be our first and last new tractor we will ever buy, so we really are savoring the feeling.
It is all still so shiny and new, clean and with  no Alberta mud anywhere.
The first scratch, will hurt, even though it is inevitable.

The next few weeks it will be learning how to use it, understanding all the buttons and controls.
Eric brought it home last night.

So, right now, we have that
 "feeling rich, but knowing the truth" feeling.

New Barn and New tractor!

Thank you for all the  help, support, love, work from the community in High Prairie, friends, family and some complete strangers!

I can honestly say this barn was built on an outpouring of love and support!

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