Thursday, 28 May 2015

Birthdays and Milestones

So, the last week in May is always a celebratory week.
Both Jess and Eric have birthdays.
Eric just turned 52,
he seems younger today,
 than he did 15 years ago.
Jess turned 19, and she is spot on her age.
Age has nothing to do with the numbers,
it really is all about  how old you feel.

This week also marks another milestone,
one which we rarely celebrate.
Eric and I have now been living together/partners for 25 years.

I have lived longer with this man than I did with my parents,
and, of all the people in the world, 
only my sister has known me the longest.

25 years ago, we shacked up together,
neither ever feeling the need to get married, or commit to each other in any other way.
We have had and still have, our trials and tribulations,
there are moments when we both want to throw the proverbial "towel in the ring".

It has not been easy as we are so different in so many regards.
People talk about having their soul mate, or a kindred spirit,
but that is really not the case with us.
We have to work really hard to cross our cultural, emotional and the myriad of other differences.

Eric is not an easy man, he is tough on himself and tough on the people around him.

Here are some examples of our differences:
He is Dutch  and I am South African.
He celebrates Sinte Klaas,  and I like Santa.
He likes beer and I prefer milk.
He is good at math and I am good at not liking math.
He talks loudly and I am softer spoken.
He never swears and I can certainly use choice words.
I like to stop and smell the roses and he does not even see roses in a  rose garden.
He is direct and to the point whereas I will engage in pleasantries and ask about the weather.
On a road trip I will stop and pull over to take a photograph, he never stops.
He is easily irritated, I take a long time before I am mad.
He forgives quicker, I hold a grudge longer.
Eric is all serious, I like to smile and laugh at silly things.
He thinks he is always right, I know I am always right.
He is independent and I am strong willed.

So, despite all these and, many other differences,
I think  25 years together is certainly a milestone to celebrate.

As it is Thursday,
here are some  for Throwback Thursday

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