Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A good long weekend

The May long weekend in Canada is generally regarded as the kick off to the summer season with gardening, camping, campfires and all the good things in life.

We had a good long weekend, the things that contributed to this was:
 the weather was glorious,
the sun was shining,
Jess was home,
Roy is fun,
the garden was tilled,
Eric smiled,
some calves were born,
our second lambing group got started,
we could sleep in,
the kids worked on their 4-H animals,
the rebuilding of our barn started,
we sold our bull and have started looking for a new one,
the car got washed,
we had a fire,
we visited friends,
friends came over,
we had a beer or two,
we lit up the bbq,
we cleaned the house some what,
we did yard work,
we did chores together,
the kids watched a movie,
Eric snoozed on his lazy boy,
we rode the horses.

Yep, it was a good long weekend.

And, so new beginnings,
and a summer ahead of us.

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