Thursday, 18 April 2013


Every baby animal is unique and adorable, and there is no greater love than that between a mother and her young. It is the power of this love that explains why humans have always sought the company of young animals.

Lambing has been going steady.
We are way over 200 lambs now.
This lambing has been more problematic than the one in January, perhaps due to the long winter this has taken a toll on the ewes.
However, we keep ploughing through and help those that need additional help.
It is rewarding to watch the lambs thriving and enjoying the warm sunny days.
Calving has been slow,
one a day.
Yesterday we had a little calving surge, we had 4 new little heifers.
I tried to sneak up to one to tag it.
As I was ready to tag it, it bawled,
and within seconds I had a whole bunch of irate cows rushing in to save baby.
Needless to say, I let the babe go,
without tag.

Here are some photo's for you to enjoy.

its not your turn yet,
you have to wait, and produce a cute baby
 before you can be on my blog...

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