Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Catch up

"Always gotta keep busy or the voices start telling me to do wild things."
~Steve Brown

Ok, I actually have been rather busy and have not managed to blog.
Today my day started off with a vaginal prolapse, then feeding, checking, moving lambs into jugs, numbering, castrating, docking tails, moving out of jugs, checking cows, cuddling calf, dodging momma cow, feeding dogs, sorting about 300 sheep, feeding, lambing, pulling a lamb with a big head,  and so on.
As if that's not enough,
the school had an emergency today,
some bright spark decided to empty a can of  bear spray in the junior high boys toilets..
Police, ambulances and evacuations were all part and parcel of the bear spray incident..
Roy needed to go to the hospital for a check up.
All is well and things were back to normal again later in the day.

We have been lambing now for about a week and have well over 100 lambs.
We have had quite a few dead ones;
 sometimes the ewe will lay down on the lamb and squash it,
some are born to early,
and some just do not thrive for whatever reason.
Having these dead ones is a bit demoralising at times,
 as we work so hard to try and make sure that things go well.
However, watching the good ones do well,
laying in the sun and running around together does help to keep me motivated..

We had our first calf,
I had been checking up on this cow a number of times during the day and evening.
She calved early in the morning and the calf was either stillborn or died shortly after that.
Not a good start to calving..
The cows are being slow about starting to calve, we are a week in and we only have one baby.
This blackie was from a first time calver, a heifer.
It is doing well and because its the only one at the moment,
it is the favourite and getting all of my cuddles when I go and check all the other bovines.

Not only are we busy with the lambs and calves,
but Roy and Eric decided that , they should go into the hatching business...
So, the incubator has been running and today the chicks started hatching out.
They have 200 eggs in the incubator.
I do not need more chickens,
so Roy made a poster to sell some of his chicks.
he has a few clients but has not found homes for all them yet.

So, at this stage my life revolves around newborns, afterbirths, bottles, cuteness, late nights, early mornings and lots of work.
Have a good  Friday.

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