Wednesday, 27 February 2013

For Ally and Barbara...

Photo Fail Moments

Just this week, two friends of mine, Ally and Barbara
were commenting on Facebook about my photo's.
They were saying things about talent and about their and my skills as photographers.

This made me smile...
As we all know, not every picture that gets taken,
can meet the scrutiny of social media!

In fact the largest part do not even get to being saved on my backup hard drive.
 Most end up here..

However, to give you an idea of some of my photo fail moments,
I have a small selection for you guys to:
giggle over,
make snide comments on Facebook over,
you can always say something nasty about the dog,
criticise my photography skills,
or simply LOL!

My chosen victim is Vuk..
I will not write down his kennel name just in case certain individuals want to reflect on his quality..
Now, Vuk is the hardest dog ever to make pictures of.
( It is ALWAYS good policy as a photographer, to start by making excuses;
blame the subject..
you know, things like too fat, too thin, wrong light, wrong camera etc..)
You see, Vuk
 never just poses.
Never, is the operative word here!
In fact, I always have to adjust the shutter speed to accommodate Vuk.
Most times I end up putting him on a chain,
so I know in which general direction to point my camera.
At least I can then find him in my view finder.

 Once I have him in view,
he usually will  present me his fluffy butt

or I get stress signals from him,

or he puts his ears flat and looks like a dork,

if that does not work,
 he will shut his eyes,

give sideways glances.

He never falls for the squeaky sounds trick,
to perk up his ears...

When I try to make great silhouettes with a setting sun,
this is what I get.

Or, he gets that total wind blown look, when making winter shots.

Sometimes things go haywire when I decide to edit..

No, ladies, sometimes you do need a thousand pictures,
rather than the proverbial  one to tell the story!

But, when you do,
you breath a sigh of relief
and know,
 that this one can safely be posted on Facebook!!
Sharmountain Vuk, breeder Ally Chapman.
By the way...
I am still attempting to make a full body,
 photo of this guy.
But, I believe my photographic skills will need a lot more tuning before I get that one...

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  1. Oh my, Louise. I love this post. The "flattened ears" look and the sideways glance...both left me giggling out loud. What character, Vuk. Thanks so much for sharing these. Shannon


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