Friday, 15 February 2013

A little blizzard rolled in..

This week, a little blizzard rolled in and gave us more snow.
Enough to cancel all the school buses.

 The wind caused some major snowdrifts,
so much so, that even the snow grader got stuck.
(Who do you call when the big snow grader gets stuck?..
To the left you can see Roy cutting net wrap off the bales..

These snow drifts could at places, bog the tractor down.
Causing some major headaches getting to and from our hay.
The snow blew halfway into our barn.
The drifts in front of the barn were at places meters high.

Roy is digging out the corner of a fence so that I know where it is and do not drive over it with the tractor, the fence is 90cm high ( almost 28inches).
All the gate ways where drifted closed and Roy and I spent most of the morning
shovelling snow to be able to get into the pastures in order to be able to feed the critters.

Out in the pastures the wind was raging.
It was at times a white out.
 The block dot, is Lucy coming to see what we were doing.

The sheep where completely snowed under.
And, where all hunkered down in the corner of the pasture.

All this snow is giving me some concerns as the snow has now drifted right over parts of the fences.
The sheep and dogs could just walk out now.
I am hoping,
(but then again hope, is not a strategy for success!)
that the dogs and sheep are  not really looking for a way out...

Roy and I fed bales,
it was a challenge.

But, was very much appreciated by the sheep!
Here you can see the sheep heading out to the bales.

The storm started to die down by the time the bales where rolled out.
The skies turned blue and everything looked a lot better,
even the sheep looked less miserable.

Within, a few short hours.
The storm blew away,
 and the day ended with a bright afternoon sun and mild temperatures.

Wishing you all a calm and sunny weekend.

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  1. You always have great pictures!! Thanks for sharing a piece of your life with the rest of us! :)


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