Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Puppy Update - Part 1

It has been awhile so I decided to do a two part puppy update.
We still have a number of pups here at home.
We have kept two for ourselves, one from each litter.
We also have a few longer stays.

This is Hank ( Harrie) and belongs to Louanne.
He looks tough, but has a heart of gold.
He is staying here for training a while longer.

This is Mischa ( formerly known as Annie) she belongs to Joyanne.
She will be staying here until about the middle of December, while her owner goes to Hawaii..

Nuno will be leaving us next week and will be going to live with his new family.

Next we have Mali.
She is one of the pups we have chosen to stay, her nickname is "Grouchy"

We have kept two pups from Snowy and Beli.
One of these two will be leaving us next week to start his or her life as a poultry guardian.
This is Cindy

and this one is/was Tom or Eddie...

 Here are some group shots..

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