Sunday, 11 November 2012

Not for the feint hearted..

Last Wednesday I made a trip down to Camrose to bring a load of lambs away.
Instead of watching the weather forecast, I watched the American Elections..
and missed all the severe weather warnings.
The roads where a nightmare and the conditions scary.
But, after a trip of white outs, slippery roads, snow, frozen brakes, stuck in the snow, cops stopping me, skids and frozen windshield wipers..
 I arrived back home to go straight back into hay hauling.

We made close to 1600 big large bales.
Most were made on a ranch about 35km from our ranch.
This means now hauling home of these bales.

We first decided to get a bale hauler hired, however, some got scared of the hills they needed to come down, others were too expensive and others did not show up.
So, we decided to just start on the weekends and do it ourselves.
We rented a bale mover.
Some friends stepped in to help us out, by loaning us an additional tractor, another would help hauling with his big tractor and like always, our mechanic neighbour Martien was on call for the inevitable mechanical issues that may arise.

Last weekend we made a big start and hauled a whole bunch home.
This weekend is a continuation of this.
With Roy helping out with  the bales,
Eric or I driving with our truck and trailer,
Jess looking after the chores at home,
Kenny with his truck and
Micheal's tractor
we now can haul home about 160 bales a day.

The days start early and ends in the dark.
Here are some images of our efforts:

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