Thursday, 17 November 2011

Bull fights

Every now and again the bulls feel the need to find out who is the upper boss,
the most powerful and strongest bull.
These fights are  measures of pure, raw physical power.
The power that these animals have is awe inspiring.

The push, shove, lean, turn, slam, head butt and sniff each others balls,
all to figure out who is the top bull in the pasture. 

These fights are not really lethal to the bulls,
of course they could break their necks or a leg,
however it is more a measure of strength and staying power.

These altercations are definitely lethal to fences.
These bulls don't  care about anything while engaged with each other.
The hay feeders go flying, the fences take hits,the water troughs get mashed, the sheep if they get underfoot get run over.
Even the sarplaninac dogs try to stop the ruckus by getting in the way, barking and even biting in the legs of the bulls.
(I have a heart attack and try to remove the dogs out of the pasture..)
Nothing distracts the bulls.
They only have attention for each other.

Finally, one gives up,
or gets tired and runs off.
The winner chases the other  away and with that all is decided and settled.

 Soon all is forgotten and they are once again BFF.
The peace has returned ( and the snow) and all stand eating quietly together at the hay feeder.


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