Saturday, 5 November 2011

Bovine week

This week has been a primarily bovine week.
Tuesday we gathered the cows off the hills to the corral.
Wednesday we sorted cows and calves and had them all pregnancy  tested.
Thursday we began hauling them home,
Thursday night we took in a quick Dr Hook (he is really old...74!) concert

and this is more recent:

Friday hauled the last cows home.
In between all of this we rented a bale mover and Eric is moving lots and lots of bales so that we can haul them home this winter.
Snowy watches as the cows arrive home and onto a new winter feeding pasture.
The dogs always have to get used to the cows being back home after the summer away on pasture!


  1. Do NOT tell my husband that Dr. Hook is doing concerts! I do not want to have to go!

  2. Why not Jenny? He is definately the "golden oldies.." He is doing a show in Edmonton this weekend..


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