Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Rumble in the Jungle

All the predators have pretty much raised their babies now.
These babies are teenagers who are also out hunting.
We have noticed that there is  more predator activity at the moment.
This higher predator activity comes at a time when our grazing rotation has pretty much come to an end and our sheep are now allowed to graze all the hay lands on our ranch.
The sheep pretty much have the run of the place.
To keep our flock safe and to match the activity levels of the predators we have upped the number of guardian dogs in with the sheep.
The main dogs in with the flock right now are Katcha, Fena, Snowy and Vuk.
Pups Lucy and Molly take turns in going out with the "big dogs".

The coyotes like to play a cat and mouse game, however the dogs have figured this game out and are giving the coyotes a hard time.
We often here the dogs rumbling in the bush.
The dogs are working hard.

As the evenings are getting shorter the sheep have picked up the daily routine.
At sunset the sheep wonder back to their night coral and I am there to check that all are home, close the gate and feed the dogs.

I often have to go out and collect the guardian dogs from the area last grazed by the ewes.
The dogs know that the coyotes are out there and do not want to leave their post.
Here Vuk and Fena share a drink with one of the dorset ewes once back in the night pen.

I have been working with Vuk lately.
He is hyperactive (actually ADHD) and due to this high energy level it makes it really hard to have him out with the grazing ewes, he tends to disturb them too much.
However, I thought that this would be a good training for him, with lots of threats, a large area to work in and some quiet, yet very vigilant females to keep him focused.
This has payed off, as this picture shows.
I have never seen Vuk just laying down when the sheep are in the pasture with him,
 or  when I come to visit.
Normaly, he is constantly on the move.
I think he is finally maturing.
A lot of work does wonders to a dogs mental attitude.

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  1. Well that explains why the coyotes have been so loud and so near the last few weeks! I'm glad to hear the update on Vuk. You certainly predicted his personality when he was just a pup.


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