Monday, 17 October 2011

Modes of transport

With winter around the corner, we only have a few weeks left of grazing  before the winter feeding program starts.
All the electric nets we use as temporary fencing, (which enable us to efficiently use our land for rotational grazing) needs to be removed before freeze up.
Removing these nets, opens up the ranch for the sheep to graze other areas.
As I mentioned in a previous post, the sheep pretty much have the run of the place at the moment.
 There are days when the sheep like to go on a walkabout, 
we then need to collect them, from  the back end of our ranch.
Getting the sheep home with my good collies at night is no problem.
  Getting  the sarplaninac dogs to leave their watch can be more of a challenge,
especially if they predator pressure is high.
(We like to have the guardian dogs back with the sheep in the night corral every night).
So, to assist in this, we have taught the Shars to travel on the back of the farm truck.
It is not their favorite activity, but is sure saves me a lot of time!

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  1. That's funny! My brats learned to ride in the back of a truck too. This was a skill I was glad they learned back when they were escaping all the time and I had to go find them with my pick up. They thought it was good fun to go in the truck!


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