Friday, 10 August 2018

Lucy x Kushi pups 4 weeks old

After a very rocky start with a very sick female, and a number of pups that did not make it, the remaining pups are doing great. Lucy had 12 pups of which we have 8 left.
One puppy is still a bit touch and go and is still very small and not thriving as the other pups are.
Lucy has since started to make a recovery and this will be her final litter.
The pups learnt to start eating very early and they now regard  feeding time as their highlight of the day.
What is noticeable in this litter is that they are very active and strong little pups. When most pups are still just barely crawling, these pups could climb. They left the whelping area sooner than most, and have now the run of the barn.
I have not posted much about them simply because I needed to see if they would survive and do well.

The males are red, purple and blue. (The small male pup did not participate in the photo session.)
All three males are big, strong strapping lads.
The females are yellow, green, pink and one naughty pup lost her collar. Pink and green are the bigger of the females and yellow and no collar are slightly smaller.

So, this is their first official photo shoot and it is great watching their characters develop.

Female, no collar

Red and blue boy.

Red male

red male

Blue boy

Purple boy


No collar female

Yellow girl


red boy

Blue boy

Yellow girl

red boy

Yellow girl

Green girl

Yellow girl

Pink complaining

no collar girl.

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