Friday, 16 March 2018

Mali's pups

The pups are doing great and everyday is a new adventure and learning experience.
I know I have posted very few pictures of them, but hope to catch up somewhat today.

Here are some head shots of the pups about 10 days ago:

this pup is Bela and not Meda!

As they grow, their characters are becoming more distinct.
For the most part, I must say this litter is fairly easy going and relaxed. They are not what I would say overly dominant, they all tend to hang back a little and just watch how things unfold.
They are all sweet and friendly.
I think this is a pretty laid back litter in general!

The good news is we also now know who the daddy is, as this litter was dual sired ( I was hoping for a mixed litter from both sires), it turns out that that was not the case.
We did DNA testing on the mom, both sires and all the pups, and proud poppa is our Rex.

Of the two males , Rex is  the more laid back one, something I do see in these pups.

This video clip I shared on FB, titled Co-Parenting!


  1. I knew that cats could have multiple sires in one litter - I had no idea it could happen with dogs.


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