Sunday, 4 March 2018

Anna and Jane

Eric and I went to visit our two mares who are in training at the moment.
We knew that Anna had been driven before, but we have no idea how long ago it was.
As Jane had never been driven and only ridden a handful of times, Eric decided that they would go to a local trainer to have the basics put on them.

They are both doing really well and we are very happy with the decision to send them away. These two will make a fine chore team:

Enjoy the photo's:

Jane on the left, Anna on the right

Heading back for a new bale

The sun came out for about 5 minutes.

Cutting the twine off the bales

Waiting for the twine to be done

And, ready to go

Feeding cows with no tractor

With only about 9 days of training, they are looking pretty good and we are already excited about getting them back home!

Here are  a few video clips :

1 comment:

  1. We fed this way when I was a kid and the herd was large; my Uncle raised Big Blondes he called them, Belgians of course, and he was pretty well known for great horses. Having only a few cattle now, they are fed from a round bale feeder.
    That bale unspooler sure is a nifty piece of kit you've got there which would have come in handy in the old days. We had only a square baler back then, so it was a big job loading onto the stoneboat 3x a day, then us kids would be pulling apart the bales and throwing the flakes off the back. It did take longer, but we got the job done and, even on the coldest, most miserable days in the Alberta foothills, riding behind the team made the task quite enjoyable.


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