Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Puppy love

So, I did a little rushed photo shoot today with the pups.
They did not want to co-operate (one actually ditched me, so he ( Blue) missed the entire photo shoot). and I was too rushed for time to really sit down and note which pups were in front of the lens.
So, I will need to redo this little session and ensure I have them all, and note down who is who.
It is easy in real life but looking back at the pictures a few hours later makes it a little tougher to recognize some of them.

They are doing just great.
They are pretty much free range everywhere, which exposes them to all various critters on the ranch.
The first are leaving soon, and some will be staying a little longer.
These have been such easy pups to have around and very enjoyable to have around when doing chores.

So, here are some of the pups today.

I will make sure I get Blue, Purple and Big Gray in front of my camera next round!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely puppies, greetings from Burlington, Ontario.


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