Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Puppies and their characters

The pups are doing so well, I can hardly believe they are already 8 weeks old.
I am so enjoying having this litter and seeing them grow.
I have been really slow about some character descriptions of the pups, because in reality they are all so similar and even.
They are pretty even in size and their character differences are small.
Not one pup stands out for being super dominant or very shy.

My first set of pups are red and purple.
I suppose I would describe these two as the most middle of the road pups.
Not the first out to go exploring, but always happy to participate in pack activity.

Next, we have Blue.
Blue is a serious, down to business pup.
He is one of the pups that is no nonsense, a serious pup who will make a strong guardian dog.
He has a strong personality.

Big Gray, is a little milder in nature, he is always one of the first to meet and greet you. He is confident and always up for some adventure. 

Green is probably the toughest pup in the litter. He is certainly not one of the biggest pups,
but is very similar in nature to Blue. He knows what he wants and is serious in doing it.
He is confident and determined.

Black and Green are a "pair", they are always hanging out together. Black is a tad softer than green, but is certainly not a softie.  He is part of the top 4 for being outgoing ( Blue, Green Gray and Black),
red and Purple are more middle of the road.
Black is very enamored by the lambs, likes to clean ears, and butts.

My last two pups do not have collars, I can recognize them quite easily in the group.
I call them the two dark pups.
 I will call them pup 7 and Pup 8.
These two pups, are perhaps the "shyest" of the whole group.
They like to watch things from a safe distance.
They are not fearful, but generally watch and wait to see what is going to happen first.
Pup 8 is the shyest of the two.
He is definitely one of my favorite pups. I think he will make a fantastic LGD, and be very bonded to his sheep or his people.

The pups are off to the vet for their first vaccinations and check up.
They will be microchipped and I will soon be looking into flights for some of these pups for when they will be leaving to their new homes.

Enjoy this little clip of the pups and lambs.

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