Sunday, 7 February 2016

Pups almost 4 weeks old

All I can say is that the boys are doing fantastic.
They are now eating, exploring and become really active.
They are like a bunch of groupies when I come to visit them,
 all clamoring for attention and always happy to see the food bowl arriving.

I am really excited as all the pups have found fantastic new homes.
Finding the right owners is the hardest part of breeding;
owners who  understand the breed,
people who have the best interest for the breed at heart,
owners who understand that the sharplaninatz has a job to do;
 whether it is guardian of the flock, the herd, the home or the family.
These pups will be going across Canada and a few into the USA.

I like to have some help when doing the puppy photo's and the best help there is Roy.
He has been that constant factor in all our litters, holding the pups, keeping them sorted as to has had their photo taken and who still needs to.
He knows how to time the lining up to ensure he is out of the shot when needs to be.
In the shot..
Out the shot..
Lining them up..
Roy's main photo side kick is the big old red cat.
This cat has raised more litters of pups, than any bitch has ever produced here.
He has this unwavering confidence, he knows exactly how to manipulate the pups to have a warm spot to lie and to enjoy a meal together with the young pups.

Every year, we have a lamb that somehow feels it is more part of the canine family,
so often joining in the photo shoot is the odd bottle lamb, or tame laming wanting to get in on the action.

Our photo shoots are fun, cute and endearing, in a week or two that changes to being chaotic, hectic and constantly looking for the pups all over the place.
So, for now, we will enjoy and appreciate the relative tranquility of the 4 week olds.

Some individual head shots of the lads..

We butchered a beef last week, so the pups found part of the skin and guts,
which of course was the highlight of their outing outside.
Raw feeding starts early at our place.

There is always time for some cuddles

and, between nibbling on the remains of the cow, mom comes and checks in that all is well with her pups.

It is time to carry the pups back in.
The lamb has a moment of doubt,and then the
lamb and cat to head back in.

and that wraps up the photo session for today.


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