Sunday, 28 February 2016

Lots of moose and a few coyotes

This past week I have been bumping into about 16 moose everyday.
Usually together on a large field.
I have tried snapping a few pictures with my cell phone but that does not do them justice.

As soon as you stop the moose head directly for the bush so, pretty hard to snap a picture of them.

On the road home
that black speck on the road is another moose.

So, this morning I decided to head out and see if I could find them.
I did, however most were just cow-calf pairs scattered around, not in a large group together.
Moose do not "herd or flock", they are solitary animals. It is actually quite unique to see such a large group congregating together.
Only the cows and their babies remain together as a pair.
Seeing all these cow/calf pairs together makes me happy.
Unfortunately not quite the photo's I was hoping for, but on a grey, early morning it is the best I could get.
I will try and few more times this week to get a group shot.. try and try..

My total moose number this morning was 12,
at home I came across these 3..

and a few hundred feet further, this one.

Making my morning tally, after 30 mins of driving around and less then 2 miles from home,
12 moose and 4 coyotes.


  1. Thanks for continuing to share your world with us. I didn't know moose ever congregated.


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