Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Meco update

It has been 4 weeks since Meco had his injury to his neck and ear.

He has had 2 surgeries on it, and I am happy to say that the healing is going very well.
When the vet tried to re-attach the ear, they did not manage to restore all the blood flow back to the ear, resulting in part of the ear dying off.
Once the hair grows back on his neck and head, the smaller ear will be the only visible sign of this injury.
It looks like he has a semi traditional, sarplaninac one ear crop.

His spirits are high, he is playful, runs around and loves our daily walks.
He enjoys the visits to the collies and the chickens,
and he even went to visit the livestock today.

He has indicated that he is ready to move back to the stock;
 by escaping from the heated recovery barn, climbing over the kennel panels, ripping out the door,  and being resistant when I want to place him back in the barn.
He wants to be out and about.
He will move back to the stock once he has completed his last round of medication.

I am happy he is making such a fantastic recovery;
 he is young, healthy and resilient,
with good vet care,  our daily care and of course  antibiotics,
have all helped speed up his recovery.


  1. So interesting to watch him heal..he sure is a strong dog.

  2. LOL, he looks so ridiculous with his big winter coat & shaved head & neck. So happy he is healing well & I hope he learned his lesson about fence fighting!


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