Monday, 21 December 2015

Critter cam shots

I have not looked at my critter camera for quite some time,
so it was fun to see who does what...

And, these picture of Vuk, who decided the cam needs some early morning inspecting.

We notced a few days ago that 'something" had grab a chicken in our yard.
We do not have any LGD in our yard as they are all out with the sheep and cattle.
So, the question was if it was a fox or a coyote.
So, I hung the camera up to see who the thief in the night was...

We locked all the chickens up in the coop,
and this is who came to investigate.

About 20 minutes later one of our cats comes ambling by.
So, time to have one of the lgd on the yard,
to persuade Wile E to go elsewhere.

It is always an adventure to see what is on the camera,
but 4000 pictures of ravens is not the most exciting.

Time to place the camera further out in the bush.

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