Monday, 28 September 2015

Sheep, dogs, more sheep and more dogs

The grazing season is winding down and the fall is in full swing.
The leaves have turned, the first night frosts, a light snow and sub zero temperatures at night mark the end of summer.
The first group of sheep have moved back home now to graze the second cut alfalfa.
The routines are shifting as the days get shorter.
The sarplaninacs are energized from the cooler weather and the collies are happy with all the flock moves.

Here are some images from around the ranch this past week or two.
Border collies Bob. Lad and Sheego move the ewes on towards home.

And, down the road

Eric got the last straw baling done.

Mali leads the way in the alfalfa pasture

Sheep in the fall

All bases covered;  Fena, Katcha and Vuk

Leading the way through the gate is sarplaninac Lucy, while Mali brings up the rear.

Main man Vuk

Vuk does his rounds past the cows

When moving the flock around the neighborhood, the guardian dogs get to ride.

The new barn


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