Wednesday, 16 September 2015

For Sale

Sadie and Maddie are for Sale.
These two, 16 week old Sarplaninac pups are for sale.
Here are the "technical" details:
They were born on May 23, 2015
kids from Grazerie's Lucy and Shar Mountain Vuk.
Both of these dogs are formidable,and proven livestock guardian dogs,
fantastic, stable temperaments.
The pups are both females, but are not in my opinion "breeding" quality
 because of tiny (healed) navel hernias.

They are vaccinated, and have had their rabies shots.
Health checked.
They have been in and around sheep, horses and a calf.
They know how to tie and walk pretty good on a lead.

These pups come with our guarantees,
 and as much support as you may need.
They can be shipped,
but can only be shipped before winter really sets in here.

Price: $1000 Canadian dollars
If shipping to the USA, the price is a little more for the additional vet checks ( $1300 CAD, $985 USD)

For those who have followed the pups, Sadie is the "red" pup and Maddie is the "purple" pup.

Here the pups are learning to tie,
 and they were not amused!

Back pup is Maddie and front pup is Sadie.

Sadie is the sweetie of the two.
She is pretty calm and steadfast.
She is confident in a quiet way.

Maddie is more reactive,
more energetic,
more independent and a tad naughtier.

Both these pups will be fantastic LGD, or personal and home protectors.

As for colour, both pups are in their "blond stage" and will shed out into a nice iron gray color when mature.

For more info about these two, you can contact me


  1. Hi Louise,
    I love the look of your pups but have a flock of only 6 sheep so I obviously don't make money on my project. Do you know of anyone else in Northern Alberta that raises Guardian Dogs (they don't have to be registered as I am not looking to breed) for the kind of prices available in US 350 - 500 that would be appropriate for watching over the little family flock.

    1. HI Kimberley, It is an interesting point you raise about price. You ask if I know of anyone who raises LGD for the US amounts between 350-500. I think the difference between my US $756.42 ( 1000 CAD) pups and the US500 ( 669 CAD) Kijiji mutt, with no health testing, no guarantees on ancestry, no selection on good guardian dog qualities, no help and mentoring in raising and training, no microchip, no vaccinations or deworming, no rabies is too small for me to recommend anyone. Why would I want to recommend a crappy back yard breeder to anyone with the risk of it being possibly cross herding or hunting dog, or possibly getting parvo etc?


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